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Goodwill Blue Hanger

Hey Austinites!

I did a little looking, but didn't see a recent post about the Goodwill Blue Hanger. For those of you that haven't been, it is a treasure trove for thrift store shoppers. All the clothes are $1.25, and to be honest, I think the most I've ever paid for anything there is $7 and that was for an almost perfect condition Singer sewing machine. They usually have big stuff super cheap, too, like furniture and exercise equipment, but I haven't ever bought anything that big.

It's not very organized, so you need plenty of time (say an hour +) and you really need to enjoy treasure hunting. The stuff is literally in giant piles on huge tables and is constantly being moved in and out of the warehouse store. All of my jeans and a lot of my shirts are from there (lots of stuff I've reconstructed or altered...guilt free because it's all $1.25!). I've bought loads of books, a cool army rucksack for my teenage daughter and all kinds of other cool stuff. I try to go at least twice a month because there's just so much cool stuff to be found.

There are two locations in Austin. I've only been to the one off McNeil& Technology because it's closer to my house.

12317 Technology Blvd., Suite 300
Austin, TX 78727
Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 8:00pm

916 Springdale Road
Austin, TX 78702
Mon-Sun: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Happy Thrifting!
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Thanks for the excellent tip! My SO said he's seen them on his commute, but didn't know they were open to the public... we will definitely be checking this out soon!
Anytime! I hope you find some great stuff. :)
I have been to the Blue Hanger on McNeil three for four times. Shopping is hit or miss, as can be expected. What really gets me is the pricing. Yes the prices are posted but Hispanic customers get charged between .25 cents and .75 cents, clothing included, where Gringos (White people) get charged the highest listed price or more. Today the cashier (Tania) was very nasty when I commented about this. I got the name and number of the assistant manager Ronald and called him from the parking lot. He said they have had complaints about this before and offered to refund the amount of my purchases. I don't feel that this matter should be kept "in house". They need to lay down the law with the employees, one price for everyone. I don't mind paying the posted prices as long as the shoppers in front of me aren't getting a 75% discount based on race.
The Blue Hanger up North now is priced by weight, $1.50 per pound. This does not stop the racial pricing because I overheard the cashier lady tell some people (mexicans) that it is half price day but not other people.

Going by weight is causing everyone to put back their heaviest objects so that their check out price is not ridiculous. There is now really nice stuff left constantly because it's simply too heavy and therefore too expensive.
Did you hear anything about the North location closing down? And did you see any books there recently?