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austhrifthunter's Journal

Austin Thrift Hunter
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Austin Thrift Hunter is a community by and for anyone who shops in thrift stores in Austin, Texas. It is open to all interested registered LJ users.

We can share info on good scores we make (it's always fun to brag about the thrill of the kill) but more importantly, please post about valuable and especially cool stuff that you see while you're shopping that isn't for you but someone else in the community might want. Let's say you don't wear size 7 shoes but someone dumps the motherload of Bruno Magli, Steve Madden, and Manolo Blahnik size 7s as your fave thrift. That's the time to speak up so someone else can go grab that deal!

Also appropriate are posts that generally review thrift stores in regard to pricing, service and inventory.

In general, let's keep it to thrift stores, but of course, info about any local tasty deals will be welcome, including promoting your own or friend's garage sales.