benignintent (benignintent) wrote in austhrifthunter,

Austin Central Texas Flea Markets

Ok, so I checked out Yelp. The reviews were kinda old. Maybe something has changed. WHere are the flea markets? I am looking for the flea market of yore. Vendors selling collectibles, curios, and crazy stuff. Kinda like a garage sale on happy pills. I buy, collect, vend and just generally enjoy the vibe.

I know about the one on 290. Last time I was out there, it was mainly produce and electronics. Is that still the case?

Anybody been to the one that is out North Lamar? I think it's called Austin Marketplace. I know that the owner of business that sponsored flea market on Burnet (think 47th block) is working on getting that one up and running. Where is everyone else?

Are there any seasonal opportunities?

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