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Spotty Logic

Free to a good home--

It's with more than a bit of regret that I make this post. A few years ago, I came into the posession of a wonderful sofa, a bowling alley booth sofa with sparkling red and cold cushions. It's a great piece, I'm proud to have it in my house, but I need to let it go--I just don't have the space for it anymore.

I really want it to go to someone who'll love it as much as I do--it's a great conversation piece. The upside, you'll make everyone either jealous or nauseated, which is a reaction you can't pay money for. The downside, it's a large beast, just under eight feet wide and 4 feet deep. It's a little too high to fit into a standard doorway, so you'd need to either be content with having it in your garage, or have an extra large door (I took apart my sliding glass door to get it in).

Interested parties will need to have access to a pick-up truck, and for preference two strapping men (strapping women are okay, too) to help hoist it over the back fence.

I'm in North Austin, in the Rutland-Braker-Lamar area.

1/2/04: Yay, couch!
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